RyanshTech Receives ISO 27001 Certification

RyanshTech Receives ISO 27001 Certification

December 15, 2021

Fairfax, VA, December 15, 2021 – RyanshTech Solutions, Inc. reached a new milestone with ISO 27001 certification. ISO is the most eminent global certification for quality management awarded based on an in-depth third-party assessment. We are evaluated, validated, and highly rated on different ISO parameters, including service delivery excellence, IT security, leadership, customer care, business process, change and transformation management, technology absorption, and environmental impact.

ISO 27001 stipulates organizational practices for information security management systems. It validated our efforts in

  • Setting up objectives to implement strategic goals
  • Creating a policy and guidelines for information security
  • Managing existing and emergent security aspects
  • Ensuring the protection of the intellectual property of partners
  • Enabling complete privacy of finances, employees, and third-party info of partners
  • Understanding and identifying risks
  • Assessing, committing to, and implementing risk prevention
  • Prepare employees with resources, and training and aware them to avert risks
  • Evaluating and improving the security system continuously

RyanshTech has always focused on bringing value to customers, improving the quality of operations, and enabling efficiency in functions as well as supported projects. We follow a thorough data and privacy protection policy that maintains information security, increases compliance, eliminates risk vulnerabilities, and ensures confidential document maintenance. The ISO certification is a landmark in our pursuit to provide innovative, and high-quality focused services to partners.